Material Warehousing

Stainless Steel Products houses ample quantities of round wire and strip to meet existing customer demands.  We can stock round wire in sizes ranging from 0.0010” – 0.375.  This can be in hardness ranging from dead soft annealed to spring temper and anything in between.  Strip warehousing is for existing blanket orders only at present.  


We offer stocking services of finished materials for just-in-time delivery and blanket orders.  When customers have tight on going delivery demands, we use a Kan-Ban system which generates internal replacement orders as we ship processed materials from stock.  We can also generate reports on existing open orders and inventory for product planning managers and material buyers.


We also maintain adequate raw materials for our further processing.  Our processing capabilities include drawing to specific sizes and hardness, wire cut to length, straightened, coiled, spooled, crimped, and/or on specialty packaging.  We also offer basic wire forming and assembly services.

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