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260 Brass Wire (UNS C26000)

Versatile, ductile, easy to form.

Stainless Steel Products manufactures Brass 260 alloy in round wire, flat wire, cut to length for the performance you need for the most demanding uses.


Brass 260 alloy is one of the most popular leaded brass alloys, and offers a long list of benefits when made into wire:

  • Yellow brass
  • Copper-zinc alloy
  • Shiny, yellow appearance
  • Aesthetic qualities
  • Good for bending
  • Corrosion resistant

Having the Right Blend

Brass 260 alloy is a mixture of copper, iron, lead, zinc, and trace amounts of other materials. Brass 260 alloy is composed of:

Copper68.50 - 71.50%
Iron0.05, max
Lead0.07, max
Zinc28.50 - 31.5

*This is for information purposes only. Actual numbers may vary.

Reference mechanical, electrical and thermal parameters

Material TypeNon-ferrous
Resistivity 6.36E-06ohm-cm
Electrical conductivity28%IACS
Thermal conductivity121w/m-°k
Machine index30%
Yield strength393-462MPa
Ultimate strength290-414MPa
Poissons ratio0.34
Modulus of elasticity117GPa
Specific heat375J/kg°C
Annealing temperature427-593°C

*This is for information purposes only. Actual numbers may vary.

Supplying the wire you need

Wire made from Brass 260 alloy has many uses in many industries. Today, Brass 260 alloy wire is widely used in the electronics, lighting, fastener, hardware, decorative furniture, valve component, and musical instrument industries. Wire manufactured from Brass 260 can be used for:

  • Ammunition components
  • Appliance parts
  • Decorative furniture
  • Electronic components
  • Fasteners
  • Hinge
  • Lamp fixtures
  • Lock
  • Musical instruments
  • Plugs
  • Valve components

Delivering the best Brass 260 alloy wire

Since 1995, Stainless Steel Products has developed and delivered high-performing, long-lasting Brass 260 alloy wire.

Stainless Steel Products has the experience, expertise and equipment to provide the Brass 260 alloy round wire, flat wire, cut to length you require.


  • Operating since 1995
  • Supply and serve industries and manufacturers across the globe


  • Dedicated engineering assistance from a worldwide network of technical professionals
  • Keen attention to detail in all manufacturing phases 
  • Superior customer service
  • Expedient, timely delivery


  • Headquartered in the United States of America
  • Utilize rolling mills, drawing, spooling and coiling equipment.
  • In-house round and flat wire cleaning available
  • Expansive inventory of materials in stock for quick shipment


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