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Industrial Brush Wire

Stainless Steel Products is a leading provider of wire for brush manufacturing in North America. Our company has been a member of the American Brush Manufacturers Association since 1997. We have helped brush manufacturers, both large and small with various application issues needing to be solved from magnetism to high-temperature environments. We can analyze, test, and help create specifications for your demanding wire requirements. Our capabilities include crimping, straightening, cutting, specialty packaging, and more. 

Industrial brush wire and strip from prototyping to volume production.

Brush wire is a thin and flexible wire commonly used to create bristles for brushes and abrasive tools. Made from materials like steel or brass, it is versatile and finds applications in tasks such as cleaning, deburring, and polishing. 

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Applications of Brush Wire 

Power Brush Wire

Power Brush Wire is high fatigue resistant and meant to last during demanding surface conditioning operations. This wire may be straightened or crimped.  We can tailor wire to your fatigue resistance requirements. Round, flat, or shaped wire in any size or dimension.  We can package power brush wire on spools single end or multiple ends in rope form, hanks, or cut to length bundles. 

Our inventory is tailored to meet industry requirements. We can offer high-temperature resistant alloys and/or high-strength alloys to meet the most demanding applications. We are sure to be able to meet your requirements.

Our extensive power brush wire inventory not only covers standard industry sizes but also those hard-to-find sizes. We can custom draw wire diameters to high precision if specialty sizes are needed. We offer both round and flat wire configurations, as well as crimped power brush wire.

Metals include, but are not limited to, stainless steel and carbon steel filaments.

Crimped Brush Wire Manufacturer 

Crimped Wire increases wire column strength and support of adjacent wires. Wire is typically full hard. Sizes can range from 0.0030" to 0.035" or larger. This can be packaged as multi-stranded ends onto crimped wire spools or cardboard cores. Payoff packages can be from 10 lbs to 300 lbs or more. Crimped wire is available on spools in rope form, in hanks, or in cut to length bundles.  

We sell crimped wire for brushes from prototyping to volume production. It can be stranded to your specifications or we can help you with specifications. Our capabilities include being able to crimp from ultra-fine diameters to tire chord diameters, in most ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. 

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Scratch Brush Wire Bundles 

Scratch brush wire is typically less fatigue resistant than power brush wire. The wire is commonly crimped or level / straight and inserted as filaments and tufts for staple set brushes. Common alloys may include brass, steel, or stainless steel.

Scratch brushes are typically considered to be disposable products, thus costs are a major consideration in filament and alloy selection.  Call us today to discuss your particular application.

Retaining & Winding Wire

Our Retaining and Winding wires are specially made for the brush industry. The wire has good elongation properties for helping to stretch without breaking. In addition, retaining wire is typically stronger than a standard annealed wire. Wires for winding for brooms and other brush applications may be soft so as to avoid any "Spring-back" that may occur during the winding process. We offer bright wires whenever that is desired.

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These wires can come on carriers or iron stems in large coils or they can be wound onto spools of any weight or dimensions desired. We can target an exact measurement in terms of length. This wire is typically used for strip brushes, brooms, and mops. Most commonly, these are sold from galvanized steel, tin plated steel, or stainless steel. Other alloys are available as well.

Spooled Staple Wire Supplier 

Staple wire in brushes is used to hold filaments in blocks, typically made from plastics or wood. Precision hardness is needed to ensure adequate strength while minimizing spring-back when staple wire is cut so as to ensure smooth machinery operation. Wire packaging can range from 2-3 lb spools, up to several hundred lbs. per spool.

  • Nickel Silver
  • Galvanized
  • Stainless

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