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Round Wire Manufacturing

Stainless Steel Products offers round wire manufacturing in many sizes, materials, and tempers using several single and multiple die wire drawing machines. Our in-house capabilities include drawing wire from 0.3125” to as small as 0.0080” in both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. We can draw wire to any temper, including spring temper, to standard tolerances or tight tolerances if specified. We can package wire on spools ranging from ¼ lb to over 1,000 lbs in various configurations. Our current coil weight manufacturing capacity ranges up to 500 lbs depending on the diameter. However, we also stock materials with larger coil weights.

We can draw materials with soap coatings; however, our specialization is making bright wire in various tempers.

Our testing equipment includes laser micrometers, tensile testers, hardness testers, magnetic permeability testers, microscopes with photo capability for surface evaluations, and more.

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Common Applications

Precision made round wire from prototyping to volume production. Contact us for all your requirements.

  • Filtration - From oil and gas filtration to biochemical and pharmaceutical filtration, we have supplied some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world.
  • Brushes - Filament wires engineered to meet specific fatigue resistance requirements.  Other Brush applications include staple wire, channel wire, winding wire, and wire for making twisted-in brushes.
  • Heating Elements - We offer various types of resistance wires including pure nickel wire, nickel chrome, and more in coil or straight cut lengths.
  • Textile Reinforcement - Stocking ultra-fine and fine diameter wires for reinforcement of sewing threads and yarns in textiles made from carbon, fiberglass, aramids and more. 
  • Forming Wire - For making pins, hooks, fasteners, handles, and more.

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