Round Wire

Stainless Steel Products offers round wires in many sizes, materials, and tempers. We make round wire to demanding specifications. Our quality systems assure accurate results.
We certify all of our products.

We stock wire diameters ranging from 0.0020" to 0.250" (0.05mm to 6.35mm).  
Our in-house wire drawing capabilities are from 0.0080" - 0.3125" (0.20mm - 7.94mm) for both ferrous and non-ferrous wires.

Tempers range from annealed to spring temper and everything in-between.  

We Package wire from 1/4lb Spools to 1,000 lbs. reels, coils, cores.  Wire can be subsequently cleaned and re-spooled through our new cleaning line. 

We offer private label and drop ship services.

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