Coil & Strip

We offer coils in various alloys and thicknesses. Strip is commonly slit (cut to smaller widths) from coils as per application requirements.  

Stainless Steel Products offers many types of stainless steel alloys including Austenitic (300 series), Ferritic/Martensitic (400 series), and other high corrosion and/or temperature resistant alloys. Edges can be as slit, rounded, deburred, and more.

Strip material may typically range in thickness from 0.0010" to 0.0625"; however, thicker materials are available. Width's may range from 0.25" to 36" or more. Material Hardness can vary from specialized softness to spring temper and any hardness in between. Hardness is commonly specified using Rockwell, Vickers, or other scaling charts.

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