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Aluminum Alloy Rods & Wire Manufacturer

Elements are added to pure aluminum to give its different characteristics.  Aluminum is a very popular alloy used in a multitude of everyday applications. Aluminum alloy rods are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, easy to machine, easy to form, yet strong and durable.  The high machinability and formability rates of aluminum make it ideal for production manufacturing.

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Aluminum is categorized by grades:

  • Grade 1xxx series is pure aluminum and cannot be strengthened by heat.
  • Grade 2xxx series is alloyed with copper and is strengthened by heat-treating.
  • Grade 4xxx series is alloyed with silicon and is strengthened by heat-treating.
  • Grade 5xxx series is alloyed with magnesium and cannot be strengthened by heat
  • Grade 6xxx series is alloyed with silicon and magnesium and is strengthened by heat-treating

Examples of 1xxx Series Aluminum applications:

  • Chemical equipment
  • decorative parts
  • electrical conductors
  • food handling equipment
  • heat exchanger fins
  • jewelry components
  • lighting equipment
  • rivets
  • and utensils

Examples of 5xxx Series Aluminum applications:

  • Rivets for magnesium and screen wires
  • utensils
  • zippers
  • cable sheathings
  • nails
  • wire screens
  • fasteners
  • filters
  • wire mesh
  • hardware
  • cold heading
  • wire forms
  • and hinge pins

Aluminum Grades We Work With


Ferrous or non-ferrous, we work with most alloys available on the market today. Below is a list by major alloy family class:

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SSP works with all major industries on various product applications.  Take advantage of our breadth of knowledge on a wide variety of specifications and requirements!

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