Stainless Steel Products offers carbon steel and stainless steel pipes/tubes in welded and seemless configuration.  We offer round, square, and rectangular tubes in various thickness and lengths.

Pipes are distinguished from tubes in that Outside diameters of Tubes are the exact sizes requested.  A 6" tube has a 6" outside diameter.  However, pipe diameters are typically larger than specified.  Referencing the chart below, a 6" pipe would have a 6 5/8" outside diameter.


The next consideration when specifying tubes or pipes is the WALL THICKNESS.  This will help determine the strength of the pipe as well as the flow rates through the pipe.  Flow rates are a function of several factors, most important of which is, the inside diameter of the tube or pipe. 

Bundy Tubing

Stainless Steel Products offers both double and single wall bundy tubes. The tubes come in a Copper coating with Zinc and PVF being available as alternatives. All of our tubes meet current industry standards. Our quality systems assure accurate measurements and results.
We certify all of our products.
Our Bundy tubes are sold in straight lengths and in coils. 

Stainless Steel Product's Bundy tubes goes through multipe inspection tests, including:

  • Nondestructive Electronic

  • Expansion

  • Flattening

  • Bending

  • Flaring

  • Pressure Proof

  • Inside Cleanliness

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