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Import & Export Services


Industrial Fabrics and Protective ApparelIndustrial Fabrics & Protective Apparel

Our company is an exclusive exporter in select countries. We offer safety fabrics made from fiberglass, aramid, and carbon fibers. Fabrics are offered plain, heat treated, aluminized, or with specialty coatings including vermiculite, teflon, rubber, coatings. Our specialty coatrings include vermiculite, teflon, and rubber, and more. We also offer specialty sewing thread for safety clothing and other industrial products.

In addition, our company offers complete protective apparel such as:

Protective Apparel
  • Approach suits
  • Fire Entry Suits
  • Flame Resistant Workwear
  • Glass Handlers Clothing
  • Coveralls, Hoods, and Aprons
  • Welders Clothing
  • Mitts, Gloves, and Sleeves
  • Leggings
  • Face Shields
  • Chemical Protection Suits
  • Welding Screens and Blankets

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Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Our company can find the specialty machinery and equipment you require. We have exported all kinds of machinery including:
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Wire Drawing
  • Brush Manufacturing machinery
  • Brush Wire processing machinery including machines for gear crimping, straightening, bunching, and cutting
  • Fiberglass Product Manufacture
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Our company can locate any item made in the United States. Other services we offer include lite assembly, specialty packaging and bar coding in English or Spanish, consolidation services, and export shipments to various ports around the world.

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